A POS system designed
to make things easy

The point of sale that makes running your business a breeze

The POS that fits your business

Nexxchange's POS is fully customizable, which makes it suitable for running all your sales operations.

An intuitive POS for you and your team to use with no training needed
Sell from anywhere on any device, accept all payment methods of your choice
Customize your POS to meet your business needs, regardless of size or department
Reduce errors by recording all changes from cash float to register closures.

The perfect hospitality solution

Run your restaurant or your hotel with Nexxchange's POS using the same central databse

Syncronise your front & back of house. Track sales, margin, and trends in real-time
Speed up service with tableside ordering and payment, minimise interactions between staff
Increase accuracy, and ensure that your customers get exactly what they want
Get complete visibility over your inventory, track it in real-time, down to ingredient level

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