Manage all your hotels
the most effective way

Nexxchange gives you full visibility of all your sites from one central location

Multi site management made easy

Manage multiple sites even with the most complex legal entity structure

Centralized management of reservation on different systems
Cross-location inventory management and central ordering
Cross-location access control and customer accounts
Cross-location business intelligence

Booking management, the easy way

Any type of reservations can be made with ease.

Individual reservations can be connected to reservations in other departments such as the restaurant or the golf course
Group reservations get managed centrally by all departments
Intuitive overview lets you keep track of rates and availability
Agents can book directly through the interface – availabilities and prices adapt automatically.

Housekeeping & floor management

All your staff can work from their smartphone, no IT infrastructure needed.

Housekeepers can tell the system when they are in service and enter their tasks into the system
Floor managers can mark rooms as inspected directly on the smartphone
Housekeepers can enter minibar consumptions via the smartphone
Keep tight control of the cleaning duration of rooms

Your rates, your rules

Make sure that you drive the pricing strategy accurately.

Quickly set up a rateplan and boost the pickup when needed with temporary special offers
Manage channels directly from the PMS
Design your heatmap directly along the rateplan
Automatically adjust rates based on parameters such as occupancy level or heatmap changes.

Seamless check-in experience for guests

Allow a quick and convenient check-in for any department.

Guests can fill out required information prior to their arrival (passport acan, credit card, date of birth)
Allow your guests to use their smartphone to check-in, without the need to install an app
The smartphone can be used to open the room door and other access control point
Track customers' actions and preferences, and use it to tailor a perfect stay

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