Easily manage memberships
& your communication

Manage your memberships on all your sites
Smoothen your relations with your customers

Smoothen your member management

The management of members, guests and business partners (hotels, companies) takes place in the simplest module imaginable.

Use your customer centralized database to run all your departments
Define customer profiles and identify your target group to better understand your customers' needs
Create, edit, assign and sell any kind of membership applicable over all your sites
Offer your members a settlement of their bills on a monthly basis via SEPA direct debit

Stay in touch with your customers

Organizing your customer database and communicating adequately and frequently enought is the key to growing your business.

Carry out marketing campaigns and conduct bulk mailings
Use our e-mail template or build your own to better catch your customers' attention
Control partnerships with hotels or companies and send automated monthly statements
Create online deals for your golfers and visitors and increase your revenues

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