Welcome to our Nexxchange GolfSuite

Explore The Features Included in Our GolfSuite

Great Usability

Even veterans are surprised how simple and intuitive things can be when done right. New users even don't question it.

Responsive Layout

No more clunky PC in your crowded club house. Take your tablet and continue working surrounded by your green.

Great Support

Old fashioned phone, fancy embedded screenshots, videos for rainy days and a Wiki for inbetween doubts, you name it!

Highest Speed

All the information at your fingertips in an instant. More time to listen to your customers.

What's More in GolfSuite?

And there is even more in Our GolfSuite!

Great Multilanguage Support

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish, etc.

Document Managment

Sick of your aging file server? Have no access to your data when abroad? Well ... this was yesterday!

Powerful filters and exporting

Want to find out by yourself who didn't pay without asking accounting? Only interested in the players living nearby? Want to have that information in MailChimp as well? Consider it done!

Flexible automatic pricing rules

Want to distinguish between walk-ins and your loyal players? Early birds? Partner agreements? Agents?

Dynamic company memberships

Are you tired of outdated Excel sheets? Endless emails dragging you down? Save a lot of time and let your corporate customers manage their membership nominees themselves!

Our Awesome Clients:

We have been receiving some awesome testimonials from our clients. We are very grateful for all of our clients! We are proud to serve these companies in the golf business. We are grateful to everyone who shares his business requirements with us. Our clients are at the core of everything we do; every feature we release, every call we answer, it’s all done with the goal of making our your clients daily business more reliable, transparent and easier. We cannot list all of them here ... but some at least ...

Some Facts

We have learned that facts might not always be true. Our numbers however are true but might already be outdated by the time you read them ...
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