Features for all your needs

In addition to all the features implemented for golf, here are the features specific to the management of your hotel(s).

User friendly centralized calendar

Enjoy a color-coded planning to have a rapid understanding of your bookings. View Room type Rates & availability in real time and at a glance. View also the planning by room category, floor, room number, building.

Access to your client folder with one click. View, manage, add and modify your reservation. Send directly pre-arrival confirmation emails. Rapid overview of your guest reservation details, including reservation sources, payment, balance and reservation related notes.

View a detailed breakdown of your room types to assign and unassign your reservations to maximize occupancy.

Our software also allows you to block off certain booked calendar periods, guaranteeing no double bookings for your rental, while simultaneously giving you a clear overview of who is arriving and when.

Easy Check in/out

Process check-in, check-out, no shows and late cancellations, generate guest registration and rooming list.

Our system allows also your customers to self check-in. Fast hotel guest registration without queue on reception is a must-have option for hotels with guest experience in mind, which simplifies the check-in process and increases guest loyalty. With our software, there will be no lines of grumpy clients at the reception desk, happy guests will return to your hotel again, and again.


Our housekeeping tool allows the hoteliers to track the change of housekeeping statuses of each room. The workflow of every housekeeper can be orderly organized and viewed on the cleaning schedule so that there is no risk to lose a task during the shift change.

As soon as the guest has departed and the room becomes vacant, its housekeeping status changes: According to the reservation plan and incoming check-ins, the cleaning priorities and urgent tasks are manually arranged by the department manager.

The department manager can also assign a housekeeper for these selected rooms. All assigned housekeepers can access the list of rooms within their responsibility and change their status in the system on their desktop or mobile devices in real time. As everything is centralized, the front desk employee can immediately see which rooms are ready for the check-in.

Room rate plan

Set various options for the existing pricing policy for accommodation with or without the type of food. This module allows hotelier to add all possible tariff plans by offering the guest a variety of accommodation options.

You don’t necessarily have to spend loads of time on increasing revenue. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite. This module is the way to act on this information and create a pricing policy that works for both your property and clients. Using a single rate plan is not an option, as your business has to stay in sync with the market and be flexible when it comes to pricing. On the other hand, managing a whole number of rates at once seems to be an uphill struggle. Nexxchange is ready to challenge stereotypes and help you offer your guests more by doing less.