Multi-course operators


With Nexxchange, you can order goods for several golf clubs at the same time. If you want to reorder a product, you can see in which other sales outlets or stores they are still available and in what quantity. When the goods are delivered, the employee only needs to open a new electronic delivery note and then scan the items to add them to the inventory. Thus, stocks and quantities are automatically up to date.


Manage all your customers (members, guests, companies, cooperation partners) in a central and clear database. Our system assigns certain users (employees) certain authorizations that correspond to the respective position of the person in the company. The head office has an insight into the total customer data, and the local secretarial staff sees only the customers of the club for which he/she works. A centralized database makes it possible to find detailed data about players at any time. Questions how often this player played this year, how much revenue he made in which profit center, does he like to drink expensive wines, does he like to play at sunrise, all this information can be obtained at the push of a button.

Point of Sale

Our system has also been designed for the needs of multi-course operators who manage golf courses and hotels in a company organization. Due to the centralized structure of the software you can run all POS systems in a simple application, the system recognizes the user and shows him only the POS system with the corresponding product palette, which corresponds to his user rights (e.g. cash, cancelation, closing the cash accounts and rebates). Even if different companies manage individual departments of a location (for example, if the restaurant or the pro shop are outsourced), you can still use a uniform access and payment system for all of your golf courses or hotels. Typically, you can cover the following areas with our system: secretarial, pro shop, restaurant, bar, SPA.


Manage reporting for all your sales points with a single tool. You can create product palettes and articles centrally and assign them to several sales points. Just as easily, you can drag and drop reports from overlapping vendors. A flexibility that leaves nothing to be desired.