Teetime Calendar

If you or customer book a tee time, the system knows automatically which price it should apply for it. Our GolfSuite takes into account many criteria, such as the player’s home club, which hotel made the reservation for him and much more. If you mark a customer as arrived, the system shows you immediately the no-show statistics of the customer of the last 6 months. You can immediately send a confirmation by SMS or e-mail to a customer after booking. You can also enter daily information in the tee time calendar, which is then displayed for customers who make reservations online.

Customer management / marketing

The management of members, guests and business partners (hotels, companies) takes place in an easy-to-use module. This also includes a CRM with which you can send invoices, but also carry out marketing campaigns and conduct bulk mailings. You can control the partnerships with hotels or companies via an agent mask and can send them automated monthly statements. Instead of setting up an annual membership fees, you can offer your members a settlement of their bills on a monthly basis via SEPA direct debit. The sending out of your annual invoices is done within just a few minutes. With Nexxchange, you can define customer profiles and identify your target group to better understand the needs of your customers.


With this module, you can see at a glance, which invoices are still unsettled and which amounts are due. Our software makes it possible to carry out the reconciliation between the invoices and the incoming payments using SEPA. You only need to upload the SEPA volume into our suite, the payment references and the amounts transferred are then automatically compared with the open invoices and marked as paid. You can then export these transactions directly to your accounting system. From this module, you can also activate SEPA direct debit procedures, which is very practical e.g. for memberships.


With our solution you know - at any time - how much green fee turnover a player has made, how many tournaments he has played, or how much discount this customer has received on average. Our "revenue management" allows you to find the utilization rates according to the time of the day and also the number of green fees sold in absolute value compared to the same day of the previous year. With this functionality, you can see - at a glance - whether a dynamic pricing policy has a positive impact on your green fee sales. The "REVPATT" value shows you the total revenue on the available tee times broken down; this value reflects the profitability of the course compared to the previous year at a glance.

Cash register

Our GolfSuite contains a registration cash register (POS) as well as a merchandise management system. This system allows to sell items marketed by different companies at a single point of sale, for example: the secretariat of the golf club can also sell pro shop items for another company. Our POS system is suitable for any kind of business and can be used for a small golf club secretary, but also for a golf resort with SPA, shop, restaurant and bar. The end-of-day closing is done in one click and the cash register also contains a statistical tool that allows you to visualize how much a customer has spent in the restaurant in the last 2 months or as another example of how much of a certain glove in the last two weeks.

Online reservation

Nexxchange also has an online reservation platform, so called "Marketplace". Both members and guests can comfortably book tee times directly. For green fee players, you can request the payment with credit card, as a guarantee for the fulfillment of the transaction. Nexxchange’s Marketplace also allows Hotel Concierges to book green fees and rental items for their guests. You can then automatically send the hotels a monthly summary with the summing up of all bookings by e-mail. If you have agreed on special rates with some hotels, the system will automatically apply the correct rate for the green fee bookings. For company memberships, our Marketplace offers the possibility that companies can define the game permissions for the individual customers themselves. Players can then book the course online without having to involve the secretary. We also provide all clubs with a reservation widget (mini-application) free of charge, which can be installed on the club's website for a direct linkage to our Marketplace.


Our software solution also includes a tournament module that is easy to use and can be used to create start-lists by drag and drop. The software handles tournaments of all game types quickly and efficiently, but also covers the needs of the most demanding players by allowing players to change the flight in the last minute or to change the tee time of a player. Start times of the tournament participants can also be sent by SMS and the results in the club house can be displayed live on a Smart TV or winners' lists can be printed out. During the tournament, the Marshall can also access the timing sheet from his smartphone.