Nexxchange is a technology company specialized in optimizing the commercial aspects of golf and hospitality. Our solution is a comprehensive property management system that meets both the needs of a small golf course and that of an international multi-user operator. In addition, our software helps clubs to maximize utilization during the interim season, to network clubs and hotels within a tourist region, and hence supports joint web marketing in the region, thereby creating synergies.

Self-explanatory design

In designing our web application, we have put a lot of effort into making the workflow as easy as possible in every detail and avoiding any unnecessary step. We are aware that many golf clubs in the season also employ seasonal staff who must be able to work with the software immediately. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal that a new employee (even without a golfing experience) can master the essential functions of Nexxchange Golf-Suite after one hour of training.


Our servers are located in one of the largest data centers in Europe certified by the ISO27001 standard. Should your desktop computer fail or be infected by a virus, you can safely continue working with another device (tablet, laptop), your data is safe! We keep your customer data in separate databases and carry out a complete backup daily for each club, we take care of maintenance and backups. Of course, our customers can always download there data to a USB stick at any time. We also offer a document storage and management service that can be used like an electronic safe where you can store important documents, such as contracts.

Web application

A cloud-based software solution does not need a server onsite anymore, so the server maintenance fees are also eliminated. Cloud-based enables also allows an easy management of multiple golf clubs at different locations with access to cash registers, customer data, and merchandise management. They have access to this software with any internet-enabled device, whether with Windows, Mac, Linux, Smartphone, etc.