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The cloud protects your data

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Nexxchange is a next generation property management system for golf courses, restaurants and hotels. It is easy to use and will enhance the user experience for your customers as well as your employees.

Cloud based

No updates, no backups, no servers.

Full support

We are available 7 days a week.


A full solution, with an answer for every business case.

Market Place

Reservations, credit card, hotels, advertisment.

Get to know our customers

Do not just believe us, we encourage you to ask the people that work every day with our system!

Over 50,000 customers managed using Nexxchange every day.

100,000s of reservations managed every month using Nexxchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a stable Internet connection to use cloud services.

The good news is that our software is data-optimized and can handle a small bandwidth. If your Internet connection is not stable, we can help you to build a failover mobile network in addition to the fixed line.

Are Nexxchange servers really available to 99.50%?

Since we first offered the product in August 2014, our servers can offer a 100% uptime. If a server has a technical problem, we can immediately switch to a spare server ready for backup.

For which companies is the Nexxchange Suite suitable?

For both small and large companies. They want to start with one company, but then want to lease more companies or act as franchisees. All these business models can be easily represented with this solution.

How is the pricing calculated for Nexxchange?

You pay a fixed price for the installation; the fixed price varies by country and complexity of the installation. For each «concurrent» user we charge an additional 50 EUR per month.

Am I gonna have higher overall costs with Nexxchange, compared to my current software solution?

Do you compare apple with pears? Do you also consider the cost of the software, the costs of the servers, the hardware maintenance costs of the servers? If you include all these costs together, the total cost of ownership should be lower than with your current provider.

Is a change for the Nexxchange solution a future-oriented investment?

Nexxchange has invested more than 35,000 man-hours in software development and adds up an additional 5,000 hours each year. You can assume that we are constantly expanding the functionality and thus offer more performance for the same money.

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Michael Briem

CEO / Nexxchange
Strategic positioning, Sales, Cooperations

Dr. Alfred Fuhrmann

CEO / Nexxchange Services
Management of Development Team
Sales Austria

Philippe Beaulieu

Sales France

Marco Garozzo

Sales Italy

Designed for users

Ultimately we want to make life easier for the users and economical more efficient for the owner.

The big advantage of Nexxchange is a closed accounting cycle, which includes everything from booking of golf player to the final invoice, whereby workflows are greatly facilitated for us users.

- Mario, head of GC back office

It is so enjoyable to work with your Suite. Since then, everything is much easier for me. I recommend you everywhere!.

- Ingrid, GC Secretary

With every system change, there are initial challenges that need to be addressed. Nexxchange's support team quickly responded and took care of our requirement..

- Claudia, GC owner

Since the requirements for each club are different, club-specific concerns have been well implemented and incorporated into your program.

- Martin, GC manager

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